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Smart Sticker (4 Marketing Apps in 1) (Digital)

Smart Sticker (4 Marketing Apps in 1) (Digital)

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How many location?

 Smart Page Sticker with connection to 4 ClearLine QR Code Marketing Apps:

  • Reviews - collect reviews for up to 4 platforms 
  • Social - gain followers & likes on up to 4 platforms 
  • Survey - create or link existing satisfaction survey
  • Menu - link to the existing online menu


Showcase multiple marketing options by linking to a smart page on the NFC & QR Code sticker. Smart Page gives your customers links to your marketing actions on one page, so they can choose from various options to leave a review and connect, & follow your business on social media.

What will you get?

- Reporting Dashboard on our platform
- Dynamic QR Code: Change review links anytime
- 4 Marketing Apps; Review Request, Connect on Social, Complete Survey & See the Menu. 
- Create Bulks URLs & QR codes
- Printable QR codes for 4 marketing apps.
- Create Custom Short URLs & QR codes
- Company Settings: Customize locations and brand settings and add users to your account
- Lifetime Product Warranty: If it breaks, we will send you a new one*

Feel free to reach out for custom branding on any of our products.


- Smart stickers are made from premium materials, such as PVC with epoxy coating, ensuring durability and resistance to wear and tear.
- The use of high-quality materials enhances the appearance and longevity of the stickers, making them suitable for long-term marketing campaigns.

Waterproof and Weatherproof

- Smart stickers are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, including exposure to water, moisture, and outdoor elements.
- This waterproof and weatherproof feature ensures that sticker remains intact and visually appealing even in challenging settings.

Strong Adhesive Backing

- The backside of the smart stickers is equipped with strong 3M adhesive, enabling secure attachment to a wide range of surfaces. 
- The adhesive backing allows stickers to be easily applied to tables, counters, glass, and other flat surfaces without the risk of peeling or detachment.

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Tap or Scan. It's so easy

Tapping with a smartphone or scanning the QR with a camera immediately pulls up the review page.

Reporting Dashboard

Business owners gain access to a comprehensive dashboard that provides real-time analytics on how Smart Stands and Stickers are performing across one or multiple locations.

If it rubs, we will send a new one

Lifetime product warranty for as long as the account is active. In addition, every year, we ship replacement for the original item considering the wear and tear of the item. It's absolutely free!